It’s Your Water

Your Water Education Starts Here. Listen to water treatment industry veteran, Michael Urbans, discuss water filtration and treatment options as they relate to specific issues facing consumers and industry. Topics will include information about contaminants such as the Forever Chemicals (PFOS, GenX), industry best practices. Included will be lighthearted Interviews with industry executives, technicians and business owners.

Mike and Bill Jefferis, owner of Freeman Water, discuss the challenges of operating a service business with a territory that encompasses 5 states. Located in Jackson Mississippi, Bill explains how he adapts to water shortages caused by poor infrastructure.

Ozone Go Zone

Mike interviews Dave Roenning of American Water Conditioning.  Dave has been using Ozone Generator Systems for many years.  He shares his background and knowledge using these chemical free systems to successfully reduce iron, sulfur, manganese, and kill bacteria.  

E-Commercing It

Mike interviews Serina Casey of Aqua Science in Rhode Island. Serina started in the family business and learned from the bottom up. She can specify, install and troubleshoot well pumps and water treatment systems.  Aqua Science is a thriving local and regional business. is the internet business she pioneered.  Give a listen!

Mike introduces the newest member to the team, his niece, Rachel.  As part of her water education, Rachel has been checking out the social media groups on Facebook. In this episode she and Uncle Mike discuss questions and topics trending on Water Treatment Pros Facebook group.

Show Notes Trolling Social Media

Mike chats with soon to be retired Dave Rishell of ATS (Aqua Treatment Service).  Dave mentored Mike back in the 80's. (Mike asked all the dumb questions back then.)  They discuss the mentoring process, what has and hasn't changed in the industry and the upside of having a career in the water treatment industry.

Michael & Bob discuss a situation where a cross connection could have had serious ramifications for the homeowners.

Show Notes Don't Get Crossed Up


Test To Impress

Michael Urbans and Marianne Metzger of Resin Tech Inc. discuss the importance of a water test prior to treatment and the correct methodology for collecting a water sample. 

Show Notes Test to Impress

Mike Urbans and Ted Begg of Purolite take a deep dive into SST resins - Shallow Shell Technology or Salt Savings Technology.  Yes, it costs more but the payback is fast and it's a way to distinguish your company against the competition.  The show notes and transcript are available for this podcast.

Transcript - Upgrade Your Resin

Show Notes Upgrade Your Resin

Mike and Denise discuss product substitutions to consider when you don't have or can't find the product you need for a job.

Show Notes Substitution Solutions

Listen to Mike and Bryon Maze of Harvey Salt and learn about the most important ingredient for a water softener.  We have solar salt, salt pellets, cube salt, the list goes on and on.  What are you offering your customers? Show Notes Is Salt Really Just Salt?

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