It’s Your Water

Your Water Education Starts Here. Listen to water treatment industry veteran, Michael Urbans, discuss water filtration and treatment options as they relate to specific issues facing consumers and industry. Topics will include information about contaminants such as the Forever Chemicals (PFOS, GenX), industry best practices. Included will be lighthearted Interviews with industry executives, technicians and business owners.

Test To Impress

Michael Urbans and Marianne Metzger of Resin Tech Inc. discuss the importance of a water test prior to treatment and the correct methodology for collecting a water sample. 

Show Notes Test to Impress

Mike Urbans and Ted Begg of Purolite take a deep dive into SST resins - Shallow Shell Technology or Salt Savings Technology.  Yes, it costs more but the payback is fast and it's a way to distinguish your company against the competition.  The show notes and transcript are available for this podcast.

Transcript - Upgrade Your Resin

Show Notes Upgrade Your Resin

Mike and Denise discuss product substitutions to consider when you don't have or can't find the product you need for a job.

Show Notes Substitution Solutions

Listen to Mike and Bryon Maze of Harvey Salt and learn about the most important ingredient for a water softener.  We have solar salt, salt pellets, cube salt, the list goes on and on.  What are you offering your customers? Show Notes Is Salt Really Just Salt?

In this podcast Mike and Denise discuss whether a softener, filter, UV or chemical feed system should be replaced or repaired.

Show Notes Repair It or Replace It?

Why is resin in short supply and costing more?  Why don't we manufacture anion resin in the US? Cindy Gresham of Thermax discusses these topics from the manufacturer's point of view.  She and Mike Urbans warn - Get Ready For Christmas Now!    

Show Notes Surviving the COVID Infected Supply Chain

Mike interviews Christine, co-owner of MVP Plumbing and former hair color specialist.  Discover how poor water quality can affect hair color and why Christine is passionate about the water treatment industry.  Show Notes OMG My Hair Turned Green!  

In this podcast Mike and Denise discuss the advantages of using ozone systems vs. other popular options such as chemical feed and air systems.  Show Notes Is Your Filter Getting Enough Ozone in its Diet?

Mike and a special guest speaker, Bennett Buchsieb, discuss MetSorb® HMRG.  MetSorb® is a unique adsorbent made of titanium oxide.  Applications include arsenic, heavy metals and select radiologicals.

Show Notes MetSorb HMRG Powerful Metals Media

Mike discusses the various "cheat sheets" he uses when designing, troubleshooting or updating residential and commercial/industrial water treatment systems.  Show Notes - Are You Cheating Enough?

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