It’s Your Water

Your Water Education Starts Here. Listen to water treatment industry veteran, Michael Urbans, discuss water filtration and treatment options as they relate to specific issues facing consumers and industry. Topics will include information about contaminants such as the Forever Chemicals (PFOS, GenX), industry best practices. Included will be lighthearted Interviews with industry executives, technicians and business owners.

Mike and his guest, Ted Begg of Purolite Company, discuss why a pH shift occurs when treating water with strong base anion resin. Ted breaks down how and why this happens. Show Notes Get Down With Anion Part 1

If improperly applied, the media used to remove radiological contaminants from water can become radioactive!  Mike discusses best practices when treating radiological contaminants from water.  Show Notes When You're Hot You're Not!  

Organic substances can have complex molecular structures making their removal from domestic water supplies a difficult and sometimes frustrating challenge. However, specialized anion ion exchange resins can be used to effectively remove the unwanted water stains, tastes and orders.  Show Notes Setting The Organic Trap

The employee shuffle - transitioning an employee to a new position! 

Mike interviews a well drilling employee who successfully transitioned from the well drilling rig to full time water treatment salesman.  Listen to this frank conversation sprinkled with pearls of wisdom for employees and owners. 

It's time to lighten up!  Hear about some of the unusual, awkward, and funny situations which Mike, Denise and their customers have experienced over the years.  Be prepared for a good laugh or two.  Adult content.

Of all the resins used in water treatment, cation or softener resins are, by far, the most popular. But it isn't one size fits all. Mike and Denise discuss the various types of cation and how they are applied. Fine mesh, crosslinking, shallow shell, uniform particle size, etc.

Episode 18 Show Notes - Is it High Capacity Resin or Not?

The least expensive component of a water system is the most critical component.  The distributor tube system plays a vital role in the filtration and softening process.  Using a poorly designed distributor system is like trying to drink through a cocktail straw rather than a standard size you might get with a cold drink.

Show Notes - You're Only As Good As Your Guts

Get Pumped Up!

In the water treatment business it’s almost impossible to avoid using chemical feed pump systems. We use them to feed chemicals to enhance treatment processes such as iron reduction or as a solo treatment like pH adjustment. Michael discusses some common pump technologies and simple application guidelines to keep you out of trouble.  He explains why we like peristaltic pumps.

Listen to the end - there is an offer for our US listeners!  

Show Notes Get Pumped Up!


In this episode of It's Your Water, Denise and Mike discuss DI Resin, specifically Mixed Bed Resin.  DI is an acronym for "deionized".  Learn where mixed bed resins are used, how they are applied and the basics of the "DI business". 

Show Notes:    

Get High!

Mike and Denise want listeners to "get high" on high efficiency softeners.

A high efficiency softener is designed to squeeze every little kilograin of capacity from a pound of salt. So, the goal is less salt, less water, less waste to either a septic system or the municipality. 


Show Notes - Get High

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