It’s Your Water

Your Water Education Starts Here. Listen to water treatment industry veteran, Michael Urbans, discuss water filtration and treatment options as they relate to specific issues facing consumers and industry. Topics will include information about contaminants such as the Forever Chemicals (PFOS, GenX), industry best practices. Included will be lighthearted Interviews with industry executives, technicians and business owners.

Mike and Denise discuss application of an unusual water treatment product - Reticulated Foam. Cubes impregnated with KDF 55 or KDF 85 (KDF Cubes) can be added to carbon or softener tanks and cartridge filters.  KDF55 cubes inhibit the bacterial growth which causes the black slime and extends the life of the carbon. Show Notes - Are KDF Cubes in Your Toolbox?

Installation errors can cause loss of money, appetite, and self esteem. Michael reviews the common residential & commercial installation problems and how to avoid them.

Water treatment dealers are Mad Scientists! We aren't talking about mixed bed resin, this is about filling a tank with a little bit of this resin and a little bit of that resin to accomplish a water treatment goal. Just like Dr. Frankenstein learned experiments can go wrong.  Show Notes - Mixing Resin for Fun & Sport

Michael and Denise discuss application guidelines for using coal based activated carbon to treat PFOS & PFAS.   Show Notes

The water test showed no iron but iron was staining fixtures and walls. Denise and Michael discuss the reason and the fix for this problem.

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In this episode Michael Urbans and Justin Mest of Master Water Conditioning discuss the basics of ultrafiltration - what it is, how it works, and when and where to apply it.   Ultrafilter_UltraPro Show Notes

In this episode of It’s Your Water, Michael Urbans and Justin Mest of Master Water Conditioning, share their expertise on pH and treatment methods for correction of low pH water. Together they discuss the topics of pH, corrosion and alkalinity, and the importance of proper testing; the pros and cons of treatment using calcite (calcium carbonate) and soda ash (sodium carbonate) in well water applications; high pH and alkaline water.

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In this episode of It’s Your Water, Michael and Denise Urbans share their expertise and advocate for successful water treatment systems. Together they discuss the importance of oxidation. Michael explains the use of popular oxidation filtration methods and how to apply them.

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During the 2019 Eastern Water Quality Association (EWQA) Mike Urbans interviews Trent Stumbaugh of Negley's Clean Water Center about the benefits of his EWQA membership.

Urbans Aqua's inaugural podcast. Mike and Denise discuss Mike's experience with Giardia Lamblia.

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